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Requesting a status letter

A status letter confirms the enrolment status of a coursework student, both undergraduate and postgraduate. A status letter will only confirm the status of enrolment at the time the letter is written, an indication of events yet to be decided (eg. graduation date) are not included.

Domestic Students

A status letter may be used:
- To show proof of enrolment to Centrelink, a bank, gym or other service providers

Status letters for domestic students include the following information:

- Your name
- Your date of birth
- Your gender
- Your course
- I am studying full-time, or part-time and the study loads for Centrelink.

Status Letter Request Form (Domestic Students)

International Students

A status letter may be used:
- To invite parents or family to come to Australia and visit        
- To apply for a VISA to travel overseas
Status letters may be used in conjunction with your Confirmation of Enrolment.

Status letters for international students include the following information:

Your name
Your degree
Your commencement date
I am an International full-fee paying student
I am a scholarship student
I am studying full-time
The approximate tuition fees that I must pay to Macquarie this year
(Note: Invoices can be requested from the Revenue Section, Student Centre)
The estimated living expenses that I may incur this year

Status Letter Request Form (International Students)

Processing and Collection

Letters are processed within 5 business days of your request.

You may request your letter to be:
- posted to your contact address registered in eStudent
- collected after 5 days from the Student Connect

Requests for:
Higher Degree Research Students
Macquarie City Campus Students

Students on short term exchange should request a status letter from their exchange advisor

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