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Enrolment @ Macquarie

Login to retrieve your Macquarie Student ID

If you have previously accepted or deferred an offer to study at Macquarie, and you have not used your eStudent account recently, you should contact Informatics on (02) 9850 4357 to have your eStudent password reset. Once your password has been reset, you will be login to eStudent to accept your offer and confirm your details.

If you are a brand new student with a place offered through UAC then you should use the form below to identify your Macquarie ID.

Enter your UAC Number (nine digits) and your Date of Birth to obtain this information.

Please fill in the details below and click "Retrieve" to gain access to your enrolment information:

What is your UAC Number?
What is your date of birth? / /

Once you have retrieved your MQ ID, you will use your MQ ID and your date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) for your first time eStudent login. Click here.

Need Help?

If you enter this information incorrectly three times you will not be able to continue. If assistance is required please lodge a request through

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